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Quality Energy Solutions 

Save Energy, Improve Reliability, Protect Equipment

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 We Help industrial facilities to lower power consumption through increasing efficiency and power factor at the operations level. The improved power quality reduces stress on facility equipment which increases reliability of the system and reduces equipment downtime, resulting in lower maintenance cost. 

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Our Products

Power Factor Correction

Reduction in Current

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In May of 2021, I was called to investigate the root cause of an arc fault incident.Our maintenance electricians identified issues with harmonic distortion which, unbeknownst to me, resulted in the minimum loss of 1 Fanuc Drive per week.  We lost 7 drives with this arc fault.  Downtime cost associated with this operation is $100k/day.

After ruling out installing a zigzag transformer, due to low assurance of correction, and Schneider Electric's ACCUSINE due to installation impact & cost, we chose to install Continental Power's power conditioning units.

Power Quality (THD) improved 25%-50% depending on phase.  Process uptime increased from 35% to 90% (~$7.5M in downtime savings by year end).  Eliminated Fanuc Drive failures throughout year (minimum maintenance cost savings of $364k).


Proven Outcomes